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One yearly fee unlocks all the Ridley Certificate videos and gives you permission to show them to a group

168 videos at your fingertips

Video lessons and discussion questions from leading experts in Bible, Theology, Ministry, and Mission


  • Which subjects are available as part of the Group Licence?

    All the Ridley Certificate subjects are included in the group licence, meaning you can pick and choose from 168 videos and discussion questions on topics from Revelation to Mission.

  • How does the Group Licence differ from the normal Ridley Certificate subjects?

    The Group Licence gives you access to all the video lessons and learning materials that make up the Ridley Certificate subjects. We also provide discussion questions that are designed to be used in a group context.

    The only difference is that there are no quizzes or assessment, and so participants will not receive a certificate on completion of the subject.

  • If my church or organisation has multiple groups doing different subjects do they need separate licences?

    Each organisation pays for a single licence. Just choose the right size (small, medium, or large) based on the total number of people who will be shown any video in any given month.

    Example: this month, a group of ten people is doing Apologetics, and a group of fifteen people is doing Revelation at the same church. That's 25 viewers in total, so the church would be covered by a single Medium licence.

  • Can my group watch the videos together via a streaming service?

    If your group is unable to meet together in person, you are welcome to watch the videos together via Zoom or other similar video conferencing technology.

    We just ask:
    1) that the streaming be limited to members of your group (i.e. not publicly available),
    2) that you have a current subscription appropriate for the size of the group, and
    3) that none of the videos be downloadable or retained by the viewers once the video has stopped playing.